Proun Design, LLC
28 Hancock Street, Suite 2
Somerville, MA 02144

Proun, founded in 1999, is a Boston-based design firm specializing in interpretive exhibits.
Chris Danemayer, principal of Proun, has been designing exhibits since 1989 and
has an additional six years of experience designing for corporate and commercial venue.
His mature aesthetic sensibility and in-depth knowledge of materials and processes
enable him to create appropriate, attractive, and engaging exhibits for a broad range of
subjects—from natural and cultural history, to science and children’s museums, to corporate
and institutional history. Chris’s forte is exhibit graphics and he draws from a pool of
talented 3-D designers, media specialists, and content developers in the Boston area to
address the specific needs of a given project.

Thanks to you for such a wonderful effort on our behalf. I will count this project,
and our collaboration with you, as one of the high points of my museum career.
It was a lot of fun, and what an exhibit! If you didn’t know anything about Jack
or the Beats when you walked in, you’ll surely know something when you walk out!

Christine Wirth
Exhibit Curator
Lowell National Historical Park